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Posting Your Products Where Buyers Are

ECommerce sales continue to account for higher percentages of total retail sales. With no signs of slowing down, businesses seeking to maximize online sales must select the right venues. Currently, reigns supreme atop the field of eCommerce marketplaces, but cannot be ignored when creating robust eCommerce sales strategies.

In today’s competitive online landscape, it’s simply not enough to have your products listed on your own website. On top of that, you’re missing out on revenue by only incorporating Amazon into your eCommerce strategies. The most holistic, robust eCommerce sales strategies will include both Amazon and Walmart marketplaces along with their own eCommerce website.

The only method to truly know if your products will sell on certain marketplaces is to test it. You’re not going to know how your products will perform on sites like Amazon and Walmart without actually jumping in and utilizing the marketplaces. As your eCommerce sales agency, we are equipped to provide the analytical tools and ability to read the data to apply that knowledge to your Amazon, Walmart, and website sales.

Mastering the eCommerce Worlds of Amazon and Walmart

If you’re already selling direct online, then you know it takes a lot of work and expense for your products to be seen. Before diving into any new platform it’s important to understand the resource inputs against value add. When adding to your eCommerce sales strategies, it’s best to understand some key differences:


  • Does not require monthly fee
  • Delivery and in-store pickup
  • Stricter seller application and business requirements
  • Less seller competition
  • Current king of Brick-and-Mortar sales
  • Walmart Plus
  • US Marketplace only


  • Requires monthly fee to sell
  • Relies on delivery
  • More relaxed seller application and business requirements
  • More seller competition
  • Current king of eCommerce sales
  • Amazon Prime
  • International markets and global online sales continues to hold a distinct advantage in eCommerce market share, but it’s important to note that Walmart has been gaining ground. Because of this, you could realize better sales or a higher number of sales opportunities by incorporating both eCommerce sales platforms into your sales strategies.

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Why Should Walmart be Included in My ECommerce Strategy?

Over the past few years, Walmart has emerged as the clear-cut number 2 eCommerce marketplace in the U.S. One area of importance that has led to this position is customer experience. Few eCommerce marketplaces can compete with Amazon when it comes to fulfillment. While Walmart can’t meet Amazon’s hefty total of ~200 fulfillment centers, the retail giant has incorporated its near-5,000 stores into its fulfillment strategies and has announced some key additions to their supply chain.

Find Your Business’s Walmart eCommerce Partner

If your products are selling on Amazon, it is best to increase your online footprint through other online retailers, chiefly It’s also important to note that a simple copy/paste job is doing a disservice to your products. On top of that, the copy and paste solution just won’t work. Walmart utilizes a different listing algorithm that looks at different qualities when ranking products. The software also requires differing information than a marketplace like Amazon. Giving your products the best fighting chance on requires specific experience optimizing PDPs and managing content on eCommerce sites like and Amazon.

The barrier to entry into is the seller application. At Kelly Brand Management, we happen to have contacts within Walmart we have relationships with to smooth this process. While there are similarities between Walmart and Amazon, our teams are acutely familiar with the intricacies among online retailers, so we are equipped to understand the process from considering to selling on Walmart, calculating the fees, understanding the logistics, and eventually selling all the way through the consumer sale.

The KBM eCommerce team lives within eCommerce marketplaces like on a daily basis. If you are wondering if your products are performing at their best in the eCommerce space, we are happy to take a dive into your current strategies. Kelly Brand Management is ready and able to be your eCommerce sales partner.

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