Omnichannel Marketing Solutions

Support Sales with Effective Marketing and Brand Empowerment

Generate the Proper Demand

Your products deserve the proper messaging and multichannel marketing efforts that properly speak to your target audience. From research and development to sales fulfillment, KBM’s omnichannel capabilities help get your products to your customers in the most efficient and effective method possible.

KBM’s marketing solutions facilitate your sales processes with finely tuned digital marketing and branding campaigns that speak directly to your consumers. Additionally, our creative teams develop photo, video, and graphic design packages to display your products in their best light.

Professional Photo and Video Creation

Your company has a story, and your products are a reflection of that story. Much like the effort and care you put into production, the same attention to detail is needed when presenting your products to your audience. Stand out from the crowd of stock images and lifeless template videos by taking advantage of KBM’s marketing photography and videography services.

Marketing Video Production

Throughout any type of media, video remains the king of content. Video marketing is able to distill the story of your company and products that other outlets simply can’t. Producing the right video for the right occasion can help provide the optimal fuel for your products’ marketing campaigns.

  • Demo your products to the widest audience possible
  • Brand your company through social media channels
  • Distill blocks of written content into easily digestible short videos
  • Fine-tune your company’s messaging through the proper lens

Marketing Photography

While we understand the importance of video production in marketing, photography and still images offer a number of benefits across your marketing channels. Our professional photography services allow your company to display your products for a number of different outlets.

  • eCommerce product pages
  • Professional staff photos for marketing materials
  • Proper staging to accentuate specific aspects of your products

Graphic Design and Branding

There are countless factors that make up your company’s brand. Competent and experienced graphic designers help encapsulate these branding factors into designs that help empower your messaging.

  • Logo and Product Label Design
  • Sales/Marketing Collateral and Brochures
  • POP/Display Graphics
  • Hand-crafted planograms
  • Fully realized branding guides
  • Product Catalogs and Sales Sheets

Web Development to Fit Your Products’ Needs

Your website should act as a virtual storefront, offering visitors a complete understanding of your products. The KBM team has helped a number of brands increase their web presence through on-page optimizations as well as technical updates. Our web development team is equipped to take on virtually any challenge to help make sure your site’s product pages are performing to the best of their ability.

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