Gain Placement at Specialty, Convenience and Grocery

To succeed in a highly competitive market space, you need a partner with retail relationships.

Reaching the Right Audience

KBM’s vast network of retail customers is the perfect growth opportunity for your product line. We provide support to a variety of CPG (consumer package goods) being sold across grocery, convenience, and specialty food stores nationwide, giving you premier access to reach new customers.

We leverage the latest industry tools and technology, finding the market gap for your products and customizing a brand management strategy for you to succeed. What you’ll see as a result? The correct retailers being targeted, your customer base growing, and product movement on a national scale.

Top-Tier Support & Representation

After finding the market gap for your product, we’ll target the right retailers to reach the consumer. Whether it be leveraging the latest trends or getting a product out to the national market, KBM is committed to customizing a brand management plan for our clients.


Entrusted Brands

  • 1 Assess Where You Are

    By completing an initial brand assessment, we are able to identify strengths and weaknesses in your current go-to-market or product expansion strategy.

  • 2 Build A Plan

    How can you move forward without knowing where you want to go? Time to develop an action plan for desired growth.

  • 3 Take Action

    You have the plan—now it’s time to act. We walk you through each step, communicating early and often on shared goals to ensure success.

  • 4 Measure Success

    We measure ROI as often as possible with you, reviewing growth campaigns, SKU mixes, virtual trade show strategies, buyer meetings, product portfolios, product discovery platform activity – like that of RangeMe – and more.