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New Product Showroom Launches at KBM

Kelly Brand Management just opened the doors to its new product showroom in Covington, GA. Retail-ready displays and live streaming technology make virtual line reviews and buyer meetings hassle-free, giving KBM clients a competitive advantage in an increasingly digital sales chain.

Joel Bell, president at KBM weighed in on the details. “We are so excited to have this option for our clients to showcase their products in the best way possible. It will allow us to create specific planograms for our customers or custom end-cap or sidekick promotions and will give us a dedicated space to showcase all of our clients’ free-standing display options.”

With in-person trade shows highly limited for 2021 and into the foreseeable future, the showroom presents a tremendous opportunity for brands and the sales team to stay connected to existing buyers, while allowing clients and customers new channels to communicate and collaborate. From the showroom, KBM’s sales team will conduct virtual line reviews, trade shows, and meetings.

The KBM showroom houses numerous client product assortments, including, Duracell, Arctic Ice, Camco, Beavertail Products and DOA Decoys, Swhacker, TAC Vanes, Crosskix, Kane Industries, DSG Clothing, Hybrid Light, Perfect Hatch, and several others.

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