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Kelly Brand Management (KBM) Partners with Hybrid Light

Atlanta, GA – – Kelly Brand Management (KBM), a sales, marketing, and business management consultancy has partnered with Hybrid Light, a company that has pioneered solar powered lighting and charging solutions.

Hybrid Light began in 2006 when Terry Peterson worked towards his vision with portable solar hybrid technology in mind. These products would become dependable and, affordable, and dead batteries would be obsolete. Hybrid Light was born.

Hybrid Light’s products consist of flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, speakers, mammoth

multi-lights, and apparel. Hybrid Light is one-of-a-kind in the solar powered solutions market thanks to its products’ USB ports and a unique ability to hold a charge for seven years.

Joel Bell, president at KBM said, “Hybrid Light’s innovative flashlights, headlamps, mobile chargers and more provide consumers with a wide range of solution-based, lifetime-warrantied products that work in all aspects of life- home, auto, farm, outdoors, and even hunting. Their solar powered technology and quality craftsmanship are unrivaled in the industry, and we really look forward to working with them and growing their business.”

Peterson ultimately decided to join forces with KBM because of the employees- “Every human I have met in that circle are first-class, quality people. They have done a really good job building the team,” Peterson shared.

Hybrid Light’s products can be used not only for camping and hunting, but also for everyday activities such as changing an air filter in a crawl space or working on a car. Hybrid Light’s newest product, a lantern on steroids, will launch in a couple of months: Atlas Fire. This lantern will illuminate like a campfire but will serve as a lantern and a charger, similar to the other products in the Hybrid Light house.

Simply put by Peterson, “When you have them in your hands, you are a believer.”
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