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How to Produce Better eCommerce Product Videos

Improve Customer Experience and Increase Sales through Video

The world of online sales continues to evolve in ways really no one could predict even five years ago. It’s not enough in today’s world of eCommerce to simply post a product to sell online. Similarly, if you’re relying on a single photo, a random quote from a customer, or a few bullet points for description, you are invariably putting your products at a disadvantage. To give your products the best shot at maximizing conversions online, it’s necessary to weave a number of these elements into a single optimized product page.

While every element that goes into a fully optimized product page holds significance, few stack up to the importance of proper product videos. With strategically crafted and professionally produced video content, you can better help your web visitors convert into customers. Here’s how.

Work with a Professional, But…

When you’re wanting to have your products presented in the best light in the most effective and efficient way possible, the professional route is the way to go. Simply put, a professional videographer is equipped with the skills and tools to make a production as painless as possible. Whether you employ an in-house videographer or are outsourcing, prevent headaches from an unorganized shoot as well as less-than-stellar results from attempting to “wing it.” Find a professional to work with any time you want to produce a product video.

Ensure Your Vision and Brand Are Understood

Hiring a professional for your video needs  involves more than finding a videographer. You’ve developed a brand with a unique value prop. The videographer you’re working with probably isn’t aware of the full story. It’s up to you to make sure the videos they produce align with your brand. Sit down with your videographer to discuss some major points for the video.

  • What are the major value propositions for the brand and/or product?
  • Who is the target audience (Define customer personas)?
  • What is your goal for the video? (Awareness, engagement, conversion, etc.)

By clarifying your vision with your videographer, you will minimize revisions and receive more accurate results. In addition, you’ll ensure your video captures your brand and presents it in an honest way that connects with your target audience. If you have a brand guide, make sure they have it and have reviewed your website and examples of content you’ve developed to understand your brand aesthetic. 

Attend the Production

Hiring the proper professional videographer and efficiently discussing the project’s directives with them are essential to the success of your eCommerce product videos. Another action that can facilitate the process is physically attending the production to make sure your directions are being met and that the vision discussed during onboarding is being realized. 

Videographers are creative by nature, and while this creativity makes for great video, it can often lead to decisions that venture from the originally agreed-upon direction or a misalignment with your brand’s character and tone. You know your market best, so if you are able to join the production process, you can work with the videographer to successfully merge your ideas and deliver a great final result for your eCommerce product video.

Work with an Agency to Help Produce Professional eCommerce Product Videos

The Kelly Brand Management team has worked with hundreds of brands to help grow their products’ reach and grow their clients’ businesses. Our in-house video production abilities also allow for professionally produced videos to present your products in the best light possible. Learn more about how KBM can help produce your next eCommerce product videos by setting up a consultation today.

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