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How To Get Your Products on Grocery Shelves Faster with a Sales Agency

How To Get Your Products on Grocery Shelves Faster with a Sales Agency

How do industry relationships factor into grocery, convenience, and specialty product sales?

As a product manufacturer, you probably got your business off the ground by developing great products you knew people would ultimately want or need. Simply put, you saw an opportunity to sell products and capitalized on it. 

You also learned that great products don’t just sell themselves. It’s one thing to have marketable products that customers would want, but as you know, it’s an entirely different thing to get your products in front of customers in grocery stores, convenience stores, or even specialty channels.

A major factor that plays into your go-to-market strategies is the network of relationships that exists among manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. It’s tough for most manufacturers to develop and manage these relationships alone. This is why partnering with a sales agency is hugely beneficial.

Leveraging Grocery Product Sales Agencies’ Built-In Network of Relationships

In the grocery, convenience, and specialty store industry, a sales agency is only as strong as their network of relationships. A strong grocery product sales agency will come with pre-existing relationships through a number of channels to help facilitate the process from manufacturing to final sale. Most grocery product manufacturers will find that their best sales partners are the ones with the strongest industry relationships.

The best sales agency partners will be able to offer a number of benefits for manufacturers looking to take their sales to the next level.

  • They know what works and what doesn’t work in specific stores
  • They can help introduce products into new markets
  • They know who to talk to and how to talk to them
  • They know how to spot when things are broken and how to fix them

All contacts within every sales channel come with their own idiosyncrasies and schedules. Your grocery product sales partner should know exactly how to navigate these.

Trusted Sales Partners Know Where Your Grocery Products Need to Be

When your company is cranking out great products, it’s a natural desire to put your products in every store imaginable. At the same time, the point of getting your products onto shelves is the ultimate goal of customers buying them. You could be spreading yourself too thin when you’re sole focus lies in placement in every retailer.

A trustworthy grocery sales partner will focus on getting your products in the right retailers. Through experience helping a number of manufacturers, seasoned grocery sales professionals have seen the types of products that sell through different retailers. Through this experience, they’ll put your products in the best position to sell. 

What Can an Experienced Grocery Product Sales Agency Do for You?

The grocery, convenience, and specialty store sales professionals at Kelly Brand Management have been developing strategies for manufacturers and building quality relationships with distributors and retailers for decades. When your manufacturing company is looking to make a change or bring on a new sales partner, the KBM team comes with the knowledge and experience to get your products to market and in front of the right customers quickly and efficiently.

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