To grow and reach the right audience in the best way, you need an extra hand.

Fact: Video Converts Better Than Other Content Forms

A content marketing strategy geared towards driving sales is comprised of multiple content pieces working together towards the same goal with messaging that properly speaks to your core audience. Video marketing has been in the spotlight for many years now—so, are you sure your current content strategy is as focused on video as it should be. Done well, it can move the needle on sales. Done poorly, you’ve not only wasted valuable resources, but also possibly sent your potential customers over to a competitor, signaling the need, but not clearly explaining your unique value. Much like the time and effort you put into product development, the same attention should be given to how you are presenting these products to your core audience. Stock images have their place in the world; but to truly stand out, you need to take advantage of a full-service agency’s ability to provide marketing video services from concepting and creation to production and distribution.

Our team at KBM can strengthen your sales efforts with finely tuned videography services that will help you better connect with your ideal customer. Video can distill a drive within customers that other forms of content simply can’t.

There are four main ways that proper marketing video strategies can benefit you:

  1. Reach the best audience possible for your brand.
  2. Create stronger brand recognition through social channels.
  3. Input blocks of written content into bite-size, easily digestible pieces.
  4. Clarify your brand message through the proper channels.

Check out some of our recent video projects below! If something you see sparks an “ah-ha” moment for you, we’d love to talk through that, uncovering how we could help facilitate your sales growth through video marketing. Reach out to us here.

Hayes Calls | Product Sound Recordings for Amazon

Waterfowl, deer, and turkey call company, Hayes Calls, needed to refresh and refine their content strategy on Amazon. Their storefront was performing well, but owners, Bob Hayes and Benny Marney, had a feeling something was missing. The KBM team worked alongside Hayes Calls to create numerous videos of recorded duck, goose, turkey, and deer calls. The video team at KBM handled the project from start to finish, including production and post-production, until the final videos were ready for action. These videos were created out of a need to strength brand recognition and brand transparency on Amazon. These videos now live as A+ content on each individual product page in the product image carousel for shoppers to see exactly what they are purchasing before they click ‘buy’. Watch video »

TAC Vanes | Promotional Commercial for TV

If a 30-second advertising spot opened and you needed to develop a quick video commercial to promote your brand, could you get it done effectively and effortlessly? Client, TAC Vanes, developers of the quietest, most durable vanes on the market, needed just that. KBM’s marketing team worked alongside Levi Morgan, world champion archer and lifetime TAC Vanes user and supporter, to produce and edit a promotional commercial. While shooting a 30-second video doesn’t seem like a big lift, you need a team who can handle important projects like this from start to finish with proper care and attention. A promotional commercial should be wildly captivating, showcasing your brand and products in the best light. Currently, this commercial is running on Pursuit Channel and WildTV. Watch video »

Flavor & Fettle Supplements | Product Lifestyle Video Content

Creating more lifestyle content—a goal and struggle for many brands today—was the initiative handed down from whole-food supplements brand, Flavor & Fettle. The most authentic way for brands to reach their audiences is through thoughtful video content. This goes back to the adage, “Show. Don’t just tell”. Producing the right videos for the right occasion and audiences gives you the best fuel for your marketing campaigns. The kicker? Video production is a full-time job. The KBM team worked to create lifestyle videos to highlight some of Flavor & Fettle’s newest items, showing consumers how they can get the best use out of these products. These videos are currently being used in organic and paid advertising campaigns and are helping to generate higher engagement rates on social media and increased website visibility. Watch video »

Need a lift in your video marketing strategy? We can help! Whether you need specific attention for big-box retailers like Amazon and or for your company’s own website, we have a dedicated team of marketers who can assist you in this process. Let’s start the conversation today and see how far you can go. Reach out to us here.

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