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Simplifying the World of eCommerce Sales

he world of eCommerce continues to evolve as more consumers are choosing to shop for their products online. While more buying decisions are taking place online and outside of stores, consumers are doing their own product research without the assistance of sales people. Without a live salesperson or advocate for your products, eCommerce sales rely almost entirely on the information presented on a product page. These Product Description Pages (often referred to as PDPs) are sellers’ direct conversion path and what eCommerce strategies are largely built around.

To address your eCommerce strategies, the experienced KBM team dives directly into the chief issues hampering a number of eCommerce businesses:

Are you giving your products the best fighting chance online?

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It’s not enough to only have your products listed online. Your products need to meet your customers when it’s purchasing time. The Kelly Brand Management eCommerce team has assisted a number of consumer brands looking to grow their digital sales and expand their online presence.

This process includes several layers that help position your products in the best ways possible.

Fully audited and optimized listings on eCommerce giants such as Amazon and Walmart

Content makeover to refresh your current eCommerce website and product pages

Pricing strategies to encourage and influence potential customers at the point-of-sale

Robust reporting and communication to make dynamic, real-time campaign adjustments

Assessing Your eCommerce Sales

Is my current eCommerce revenue enough?

There’s no magic formula to immediately diagnose success of eCommerce sales. To understand how your eCommerce strategy can drive revenue, you need to fully assess what your current strategies are and what the landscape for growth looks like—obstacles and all.

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Our Kelly Brand Management team has assisted clients at every stage of the sales cycle, both digitally and in stores. Your branding, sales strategies, and planning online are just as crucial to your success as getting your products inside brick-and-mortar locations. If you have questions about improving your current digital retail strategies, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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