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The digital marketplace has significantly evolved over the past few years. Online retailers are accounting for more and more of total retail sales, and they show no signs of slowing down. Product research is more popular than ever in customers’ path to purchase, which signals that buyers are browsing a number of brands before making a final purchase.

If you’ve decided to sell on Amazon, it is vital to ensure you understand the platform (or work with someone who does) and are fully utilizing the marketplace.

Mastering, the eCommerce Giant

Amazon sells 500% more in online sales than its next biggest competitor,, and the site continues to remain well ahead of its competitors.

Because of this, your eCommerce strategies need to include, no matter how strong your own website’s PDPs (Product Description Pages) may be. One of the chief rules of eCommerce is to make sure that your business is selling products where your customers are shopping. A US customer is more likely to purchase from than your own individual website purely based on trust alone.

Explore the 3 Customer Stages of Ecommerce Campaigns


  • Requires monthly fee to sell
  • Relies on delivery
  • More relaxed seller application and business requirements
  • More seller competition
  • Current king of eCommerce sales
  • Amazon Prime
  • International markets and global online sales


  • Does not require monthly fee
  • Delivery and in-store pickup
  • Stricter seller application and business requirements
  • Less seller competition
  • Current king of Brick-and-Mortar sales
  • Walmart Plus
  • US Marketplace only

Even with these differences, more and more sellers are expanding into multiple online retailers as a part of their overall eCommerce sales strategy. While there could be more potential for profit with Amazon, more established brands can face less competition and experience lower selling fees on Amazon. At the same time, it’s easier to become a seller on Amazon, and they pride themselves on their fulfillment services. Depending on the lifecycle stage your business currently is in, you could find more success in Amazon than Walmart (or vice versa), but if your goal is to reach consumers where they are currently buying products online, then both options should be part of your plans.

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Navigating eCommerce Strategies for Amazon and Other Large Online Retailers

When looking for methods to optimize your eCommerce sales strategies, it’s always useful to remember where your customers are doing their shopping. It’s great to have beautiful, robust, and descriptive product pages, but they’re not very useful if no one sees them. Leveraging Amazon’s natural traffic (which accounts for almost two-and-a-half billion visitors) immediately puts your products in front of a wider audience.

There are differences, though, when transcribing your product pages from Shopify, for example, to Amazon and Walmart. While each of these platforms speak a similar type of eCommerce language, there are a number of particulars to take into account.

For instance, while Amazon doesn’t allow online reviews to be shared among other marketplaces, services such as Bazaarvoice and Expertvoice will allow you to integrate reviews from consumer purchases across multiple platforms. Additionally, Amazon and Walmart employ different requirements for registration and listings.

Find Your Business’s eCommerce Partner

It is more important than ever to include Amazon in your eCommerce strategies. Here’s a quick checklist to ensure you’re utilizing the platform appropriately:

  • How many product reviews have you generated for each product page?
  • Are you incorporating enough photos and/or videos? Are they high quality?
  • What is your advertising spend for each platform? Do these budgets match the audience?
  • Are you mitigating Amazon fees and meeting compliance requirements?

The eCommerce team at Kelly Brand Management is prepared to go over your entire eCommerce strategy and find ways to optimize your ROI on We’ve facilitated a number of our clients’ eCommerce websites, product pages/descriptions, and Amazon advertising strategies as a partner fully invested in the success of their digital campaigns. We’ve helped a number of our clients’ products realize their full potential on websites such as If you’re researching ways to build or improve your Amazon eCommerce strategies, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s start the conversation.

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